Manufacturers, Laboratories, and Observers

With the exception of operators, there is no formal membership. Representatives of interested organizations may simply register by clicking here.


Operators will need to follow the same steps as indicated above.  In addition, a new operator must complete the Operator membership Request Form, located in the PTCRB Program Management Document (PPMD).

Certification Database Access

After registering and obtaining a user name and password on the PTCRB website, you may request access the certification database by contacting CTIA at  Database access is granted to operators, product manufacturers submitting certification requests and PTCRB labs.

Our Mission:

The purpose of the PTCRB is to provide the framework within which GERAN, UTRAN, and E-UTRAN device certification can take place for members of the PTCRB. This includes, but is not limited to, determination of the test specifications and methods necessary to support the certification process for GERAN, UTRAN, and E-UTRAN devices. This group will also be responsible to generate input regarding testing of devices to standards development organizations.


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