Modules & Integrated DEVICES

Certification for Modules

“Modules” are fully tested and certified, similar to a mobile phone. They follow the PTCRB certification process and receive their own designated PTCRB certification. Modules are not cellular devices or end products that can be run on an operator network by themselves. Modules could integrate an antenna, power conditioning circuitry, a controlling micro and contain embedded SIMs. Narrowband modules targeted at IoT are more likely to include some or all of these things to simplify designs. PTCRB certification is available for testing and validating radio and protocol conformance. Modules hold a special certification designation within PTCRB.


Certification for Integrated Devices (Download Guide)

To speed time-to-market and to save on development and testing costs, device manufacturers and integrators can build their product using a PTCRB-certified module. Devices that incorporate PTCRB-certified modules are called “Integrated Devices”. Integrated devices have the benefit of already having had the vast majority of test cases completed when the module was certified. The only testing required is typically limited to interfaces such as the SIM, power, and antenna. Manufacturers who integrate a PTCRB-certified module in their device follow the same step-by-step process as other devices with the exception that the integrator shall indicate which certified module they are using when entering their product into the PTCRB database.

CTIA Certification LLC is the administrator for the PTCRB certification process and PTCRB-issued IMEIs.