PTCRB is a certification organization established in 1997 by leading wireless operators to define test specifications and methods to ensure device interoperability on global wireless networks.


Scott Prather, AT&T
PTCRB Working Group Chair

Darren Thompson, T-Mobile
PTCRB Working Group Vice Chair

Graham Harvey, Sporton
PTCRB Working Group Secretary

Muharrem Gedikoglu, CETECOM
PVG Chair

Mohammad Farooq, Intel
PVG Vice-Chair

Ian Baragar, KORE Wireless
PTCRB IoT Working Group Chair 

Rob Holden, AT&T
PTCRB IoT Working Group Vice Chair

Kevin Goodfellow, Sierra Wireless
PTCRB IoT Working Group Secretary


PTCRB utilizes a vetted third-party testing system. There are many fully accredited PTCRB laboratories located around the world; and several PTCRB associate laboratories to support those fully accredited laboratories. Qualified independent laboratories may be authorized by PTCRB to conduct testing on behalf of PTCRB.

PTCRB  laboratories cooperatively work together within the PVG (PTCRB Validation Group) to validate and manage the test cases that define the certification program.

Qualified labs, at a minimum, are required to meet specific requirements, including:
• Demonstration of necessary tools and knowledge to test devices to the PTCRB specified test requirements
• Independence from any direct connection to a manufacturer*
• Demonstration of knowledge of the PTCRB requirements and processes
*This is accomplished through ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation


CTIA Certification LLC is the administrator for the PTCRB certification process and PTCRB-issued IMEIs.